MonitorX was an Innovation Project for the Industrial Sector (Innovasjonsprosjekt i næringslivet – IPN) organized by Energy Norway, in cooperation with Energiforsk, and supported by the Research Council of Norway (no 245317).

The project period was from July 2015 to June 2019.

MonitorX developed models, algorithms, and corresponding software prototypes for optimal lifetime utilization of hydropower components based on monitoring of technical condition and risk. Here, optimal lifetime utilization means to perform maintenance and component replacements when required, i.e. not too late, but not too early either. To reach the aim of optimal lifetime utilization, methods, models and algorithms for condition monitoring and early warning of faults are necessary.

The Impello report " Effekter av energiforskningen" (Effects of the Energy research) from 2019 estimated that the project had contributed to 650 million NOK cost reductions due to postponed and reduced maintenance costs, and 4 billion NOK in reduced production losses due to reduced down-time through reduced extent of corrective maintenance tasks.

The 445-2019 report is the final summarizing report. Another important report was "Lifetime and maintenance modelling utilizing monitoring data" (447-2019), going deeper into the details of the lifetime and maintenance models, including examples. This report is also included in the free download.

The project also produced several other reports, articles, and code sets. These are available to the project participants only.